Hari Pengambaran & Interview bersama Chamology

Sesi Pengambaran dan interview dengan Chamology telah diadakan di kawasan grafifi art yang telah dilukis oleh Chamology. Chamology juga telah berkongsi tentang kehidupan dan seni dalam hidupnya . Kita akan dapat mengenali chamology dengan lebih mendalam

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First Skygear Collabration in 2022


Collaborasi pertama Skygear pada tahun 2022 bersama Chamology

 About Chamology

Chamology or better known as Cham is a Graffiti Artist and Visual Artist based in Shah Alam. 

Grew up and spent his school years in Kedah, Cham then studied and graduated in Bachelor’s Degree of Graphic Design and majored in illustration in UiTM Puncak Alam. 

He then started freelancing since 2020 after working in several companies such as advertising agencies and F&Bs. 

Currently, Cham has been giving different type of art services including graphic designs, illustrations and graffiti art. Cham describes his works as a reflection of his interest and personality. 

Influenced by hip hop music and western comic books and cartoons, Cham wishes to expand his art even further