“Skygear Prihatin”


With the vision towards the strengthening the community, Skygear Charity Fund is the charitable arm that grips the commitment to alleviate the quality of life and economy among the community. This is done with the belief that an economically competitive community is the catalyst to a growing national economy. 

We pledge :

            RM1 from every purchase of all Skygear products will be donated to the Skygear Charity Fund

Skygear Charity Fund cares and are compassionate towards the needful community and we have aspired to embed a more humane culture.

Skygear Charity Fund is adamant to continuously share the benefits and distribute the pledges to the needful communities. These massive responsibilities definitely are centred on the integrity and communal co-operation that is needed among our communities.




Our purpose in life isn’t about achieving our own dreams and ambitions alone. 


We should always spare a thought and available efforts and attention towards our fellow men, women, and children who aren’t as capable to better themselves just to see a smile on their faces.